I’m delighted you’ve made your way through this little Internet portal to join me for a visit, and I’d like to get to know you as well. Let’s pretend we’re sitting under a gently swaying palm tree, visiting over a leisurely cup of tea (my usual beverage of choice) or a refreshing cold drink.

Perhaps you’re a woman looking for encouragement and practical help to feed your soul and keep your family strong…

Perhaps you’re helping a young person find a few stories or puzzles that interest them….

Perhaps you’re a writer wanting to grow in your skills…

Perhaps you’re a movie buff who would enjoy seeing how an enjoyable film might offer some “words to live by”…

Wherever you are in your life, I hope you’ll find encouragement in these website “channels” and interact with me here. My greatest joy is to encourage others in their journey as they triumph through faith and invest the gifts God has entrusted to them.

Enjoy exploring this site! We’re still in construction mode, so keep checking back to see what’s new. Then I’d love to hear from you when you get a chance so we can get to know each other better as we walk together on this exciting adventure: joyce@joycekellis.com. What’s your everyday like? What are your challenges and joys? What are you learning? What would you like to see on this site that would be relevant to your life?

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