Joyce and her husband, Steve, who married in 1969, live in the Minneapolis area. They love to travel, and their favorite pastime is sitting by a lake or ocean, reading. They have three married children and seven fantastically wonderful grandchildren, who provide plenty of joy and laughter in their lives. When Joyce is not writing, speaking, reading, or spending time with family, she enjoys crocheting, knitting, sewing, and other types of crafts.

Though she will always see herself as “first a wife and mother,” she knows God has called her to encourage others through writing. For more than forty years Joyce has been writing both fiction and nonfiction articles and books for children and adults, which led to opportunities in speaking, teaching, mentoring fledgling writers, editing, and being a personal encourager to those around her.

Joyce’s interest in writing budded during high-school days at Maplewood-Richmond Heights High School in the St. Louis area.. That writing interest began to flower when she and Steve almost lost their first baby shortly after birth—this after a previous miscarriage.

After that life-changing experience, Joyce felt compelled to pass along what she was learning. “I had to grow up in a hurry,” she says, “and I began to see that we can trust God’s promises in the Bible for every situation we find ourselves in.” That story, initially published in Decision magazine , later became part of her first inspirational book for women, Plug Into God’s Rainbow.

After more than twenty years of freelance writing, speaking, and teaching, she started college at age 39, earning a B.A. at the University of Northwestern St. Paul, MN in Bible and in English with a Writing Concentration. Following that, she served as assistant editor for two Christian magazines, The Evangelical Beacon (now EFCA Today), and Pursuit. She now serves as editorial assistant for Prayer Connect magazine.

In addition to hundreds of published magazine (including this recent one on Kyria.com) and newspaper articles in dozens of Christian publications, Joyce has published more than a dozen fiction and nonfiction books for children and adults. And she has several more in the works.

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