The 500 Hats of a Modern-Day Woman: Strength for Today’s Demanding Roles
(Revised & Updated)

Have you ever felt overwhelmed, like you’re juggling too many hats and they’re about to fall down all around your ankles? This book can help you keep your balance and find the strength to keep on keeping on. Taking a lighthearted approach, Joyce serves as a cheerleader, encouraging women—single or married—to see how precious they are to God. And it’s our relationship with Him, she emphasizes, that gives us the strength to handle our many roles with grace. Questions for reflection or discussion at the end of each chapter make this book suitable for book clubs and small-group Bible studies as well. Buy Now!

When the Kids Are Home from School, coauthored with Carol Van Klompenberg, is a highly practical book packed with ideas for spring and summer breaks, Christmas vacations, sick days, or any time elementary-age children don’t know what to do with themselves—even everyday life. (Joyce is a survivor, having had her three children home for a 7-½ -week teacher’s strike!) Sharing the collective wisdom from their own experience and from others’, the coauthors offer encouragement and ideas for establishing routines, handling chores, coping with bickering, controlling TV time, motivating academics, and much more. Buy now!

Plug Into God’s Rainbow, written from personal experience when Joyce’s children were small, reminds young moms that God’s promises are still as trustworthy today as when God gave them. Just as the first rainbow Noah saw symbolized God’s promise that He would never destroy the whole world again with water, we can find rainbows of promise for our life challenges. The bite-sized chapters—quick, inspirational, pick-up reading—cover topics such as marital tension, miscarriage, overwork, depression, a sick or injured child, fear, envy, personal illness, guilt, and more. Buy Now!

Tiffany, a novel for young adults and up, is loosely based on Joyce’s sister’s hospital love story. Tiffany Hedstrom returns from vacation, torn by a broken romance. Hoping to forget her pain, she dives into her nursing career and quickly finds herself the object of the persistent attentions of Dr. Kip Farotto, a good-looking new resident. But Tiffany’s conflicted feelings about Kip suddenly aren’t the only concern on her mind. She soon discovers a drug theft in the hospital. What kind of person would steal painkillers from patients who so desperately need them? Disillusioned, Tiffany turns to Kip for support. But will she find the encouragement she needs to make tough choices? Buy Now!

Learning to Trust Again: A Young Woman’s Journey of Healing from Sexual Abuse. In this autobiographical book by Christa Sands that Joyce helped Christa write, Christa delicately tells her story of abuse by a trusted family friend and of the difficult road from shame to wholeness through the power and grace of God. This book provides spiritual and emotional help and encouragement for those who have been abused. But it’s also a good reference work for pastors, mentors, Christian counselors—anyone who knows someone who has been marred by this deeply painful experience. Buy Now!


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