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Not long into her writing career, people in the writing and publishing industry began to encourage Joyce to pass along her insights and writing skills in workshops at writers conferences and seminars. Later, Jerry Jenkins (author of the Left Behind series) invited her to serve as a mentor for the Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writers Guild (CWG) correspondence courses. Over the years she has shepherded scores of writers through several of the courses the CWG has offered. “It’s has been a great way for people interested in writing to get started or grow in their writing skills with personal feedback from a seasoned writer assigned to them,” Joyce says.

For more than five years, she served as contributing editor for the Christian Communicator magazine, writing a monthly grammar column called “Your Writing GPS” (Grammar, Punctuation, and Style). She has now compiled those columns along with additional resources, in her newest book, Write With Excellence 201.  Get a sample of the original columns free here!

Joyce teaches at writers conferences and seminars across the country and internationally, and also teaches regularly for the Write-to-Publish Conference on the Wheaton College campus (Chicago area) every June. You can download a brochure with more details about Joyce as a writing instructor here.

A number of Joyce’s past seminars are available. Contact Joyce for details and watch for updates here. 

For several years, in conjunction with missions trips to Guatemala, Joyce has also been teaching writing seminars to Christian writers in Guatemala City. See the example below:

She has a heart for the Guatemalan people, and she’s using her


expertise in writing and editing to help those attending the seminars to write for their own people in their own cultural context. Several past seminar participants have gone on to publish their first books.


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